During my time as a shopfitter, I was responsible for the development of retail stores:
since the briefing and space interpretation, proposal development (technical drawings and budget calculation), to the final three-dimensional visualizations.
I've worked for both small business clients and major companies such as Galp Energia, Vasp, CEPSA, Sonangalp, as well as for other countries (Spain, Angola, Swaziland, etc.).
Pharmacy (Lisbon):
Fuel products store for Galp Energia (Lisbon):
Retail elements for book and stationery store for Vasp (several cities, Portugal):
Furnish and decoration store (S. Miguel, Azores):
(Renderings by Luís Pinto)
Service station with cafeteria for Sonangalp (Swaziland, Africa):
Section plans for CEPSA Portugal