Chalet of the Countess d'Edla
Study leading to a recovery plan for the construction: elements of heritage value, construction renovation plan, functional program.
Interior Conservation and Renovation
Dandelion's eco-restaurant
Exploring the method of sustainable design in an existing building and applied to one of the most polluting commercial businesses - a restaurant. * Winning project in the Interior Design category in the contest "Special Project: IED for Sustainable", IED - Istituto Europeo di Design (Milan, IT)
Sustainable Design, Interior Design, Furniture Design
Mnemosine's cultural centre
Development of a center for arts and entertainment in an XVIII century Palace. The project is wrought with main focus on the building's historic elements and great cultural value, promoting an unique ambience and usability, also paying attention to reversibility choices.
Interior Conservation and Renovation, Interior Design, Furniture Design
Solaris Global Cruiser
Solar powered luxury motor yacht developed while at Duffy London.
Yacht design, Interior Design, Infographics
Jesuit college: conservation strategy
Plan of renovation of the building using the original configuration and operation to inspire the new intervention and design as a museum. (Work submitted for master's degree in Conservation and Rehabilitation of Interiors)
Historical and architecture analysis, heritage conservation, museum programming, master's thesis
"BNU vs. MUDE" article
Article published in Pedra & Cal - Journal of Architectural Heritage Conservation and Rehabilitation, nº 54 (Jan, 2013), GECORPA
Article, Portuguese Modernism, Portuguese Architecture, Banco Nacional Ultramarino, MUDE - Museum of Design and Fashion, heritage conservation
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