Collaboration in the reconstitution of the church of the Monastery of Desterro (Lisbon, Portugal), within the rehabilitation project of the Monastery, coordinated by Ricardo Lucas Branco, project consultant. Work provided for Mainside Investments SGPS, in partnership with the engineering office João Appleton (, Pedro Domingos Arquitectos ( and architect João Favila Menezes (
The software used was AutoCAD 2013.
Lisbon, Jan. - Jul. 2014
The Monastery of Desterro (first building on the right). AML/NF label N73776 (Mário Novais, last decade of XIX century) 

The great Church of Desterro was never finished, and part of its dome was destroyed in the 1755 Lisbon earthquake. Today, only the lower half of the façade, with a triple arcade porch and its narthex subsists.


The research based on:

- Drawings by Albrecht Haupt (1852-1932), who is the author of the valuable drawings of the church, collected before its demolition;

- Studying the architectural work of the Portuguese royal architect, Baltazar Álvares (1560?-1624). He was one of the few portuguese architects closely familiar with Italian mannerism. On this premise, we infer the affinities the Monastery of Desterro holds with other several other of his designs.
Left: East façade (source: Público) / Right: former cloister of the convent (source: CML
Current state of the Church / Left: south façade / Centre: inner wall of the nave's entry / Right: narthex
Drawings by Haupton, 1887 / Left: facade of the church / Right: detail of the side elevation of the last third of the nave / HAUPT, Albrecht – A Arquitectura do Renascimento em Portugal, introd. Mendes Atanásio. Lisboa: Editorial Presença, 1986 [1895]
Final drawing of the reconstitution of the church (section)
(The quality is intentionally lowered, as the final drawing is property of Ricardo Lucas Branco)
Drawing details