Creation of Minibus’s maps and itineraries graphic communication for the city of Horta's service.
Rectification and improvement of all the information related to the Minibus’s maps and itineraries.
Installation of new equipment on the bus stops to provide the service's information.
Developed in the city of Horta (Faial Island, Azores) while working at UrbHorta E.E.M., 2013

This task was integrated in the Horta Sobre Rodas/On Wheels project.

It was envisioned a city that assists and communicates with its users, and for that reason, it was felt the urgent need to focus on another important aspect of and for the city: to create Minibus graphic information and work on the population's access to it.

Before this intervention, there was no visible information available for Minibus users. Now, the service has been rectified and updated, a graphic solution for the itinerary and maps was created and a display solution was arranged.
Featured on Map Mania - Ideas of Effective Map Design, PIE International Editions (Tokyo, JP, 2015)
Rectified map of the Minibus service - lines and BUS stops:
The aim was to provide the information as easy, imediate and user-friendly as possible, since Horta is a little community, not familiar with public transportation and, mostly, is characterized by the elderly population and absence of youngsters.
Due to the shape of the spin, the four lines/routes were split into two, in order to facilitate its legibility:
Seaside lines: L1L2
Uptown lines: L3L4
A basis layout was developed, where the orange information will change according to each stop, connecting the information in order to convey the location.