Creation, development and implementation of a culturally oriented urban platform in the city of Horta (Portugal).

Tasks included:
Concept development;
Planning and budgeting;
Application for the financing program PRORURAL;
Research of the city's history and texts production;
Creation of identity, graphics, illustration and editorial design;
Graphic design and communication for the Minibus service.

Horta (PT), 2013

Horta Sobre Rodas (Horta On Wheelsis an innovative urban platform that aims to share the history, heritage, cultural and landscape assets of the five centuries of existence of the city of Horta.

Inhabitants and visitors are encouraged to roll along Horta with the five thematic routes found in the illustrated Guide, using the electric bikes or the Minibus service.

The Guide can be downloaded in English here:
Take the electric bike and the Guide, and roll through the routes, stopping on each spin to discovery more history!


The streets can be regarded as the most accessible, comprehensive and equitable collective heritage, available 24 hours a day and for free.
Horta On Wheels takes advantage of this immense potential to turn the public domain into a way of promotion and valorization of the Horta’s heritage.
At the same time, it promotes the use of municipal transportation – Horta’s E-Bikes + Minibus – in order to contribute for a collective, healthy and eco-friendly mobility.

The project is organised into five thematic routes, inspired by the most remarkable periods of five centuries of existence of the city.
These tours encourage users to choose a period or a theme, and to learn about the historical elements which characterize them:
Early HortaWhaler HortaHorta of the Submarine CablesHorta by the Seaside, Horta and the Gardens.
Horta On Wheels Routes’ map and collection points
The Horta On Wheels e-bikes are available at several Tourism kiosks and offices. The electric bike’s use is free (under payment of a refundable deposit) for over 12 year old's. The HOW Kits are accompanied, in addition to the Guide, by an helmet, a reflective vest, a lock, and if desired, child seat and child's helmet.


The e-bikes: 
The routes are designed to be travelled by bike.
E-bikes are available for free (along with the Guide, helmet and vest) in two Tourism Offices.

The illustrated Guide: 
The experience is centred in the use of the Guide of Heritage Themed Routes - which includes the maps for each route and the history of its landmarks.

The Minibus spins and stops
- One side of the spin shows the Minibus maps and itineraries;
- The other showcases further facts about Horta's history and heritage, revealing the landmarks that can be found in the surroundings of each Minibus stop.